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We are a group of students who do charitable works to contribute to the community and to encourage intercultural communication.

Join NZSG Performing Arts Division

Performer and teachers needed! Join the department to show your music talent in concert and venues, and work with other like-minded music students.

English Online Tutoring

Understanding the differences in English background, learning preferences and weaknesses of students, NZSG does not have a fixed syllabus but instead offers personalised lessons. Join the department today to become a tutor.

Join us in Volunteering

Many aspiring stories have happened in NZSG, and more chapers are waiting to be written. Join our journey today to strengthen yourself and make connections through social works. High school students only.

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Latest News


This is the original department of NZSG. Started in 2020 during the pandemic by Kitty Xu, the department has been providing free English support online for students in China at all ages who require additional English support.


This is the music department of NZSG. Formed by a group of aspiring music high school music students, the department encourages young students to engage in music to get enrichment and empowerment through self-expression.


This is a new department formed by a group of high school arts students. They are willing to share their passionate in arts with the world and encourge young students to freely express themselves through arts.


Wool Works was started by enthusiastic knitters and crocheters and eventually developed into a department of New Zealand Starry Garden. The students in the department use their wool work skills to make knitted items and donate them to those in need. The department has participated in donating self-made blankets to local community.


The information technology (IT) department of NZSG is an internal support department of NZSG. The department builds and maintains the website and IT softwares, assists other departments with IT-related issues, and uploads news articles.

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